In October 2019, MSU President Samuel L. Stanley Jr., MD, announced the restructuring of the administration of the College of Human Medicine, Nursing and Osteopathic Medicine, as well as the university's health clinics, to be better aligned in patient care, education and research. The change included the promotion of Norman J. Beauchamp Jr., MD, MHS, to the position of Executive Vice President of Health Sciences.

This important change:

  • Strengthens each individual college through shared resources and administrative efficiencies;
  • Establishes a shared culture of accountability;
  • Addresses situations that led to patient vulnerability; and
  • Synergizes their strengths to bring the best educational opportunities to students.

The office is charged with setting clear expectations, standardizing patient care, creating policies and procedures that are stringent and consistent throughout MSU, and enhancing health and wellness services across the university. Beauchamp is joined by Anthony Avellino, MD, assistant provost for student health, wellness and safety, and chief medical officer of MSU Health Care.

Our Mission:

There are two parts to our Health Sciences mission. First, to honor survivors by creating a culture of safety that which will never again fail students, patients, faculty and staff. Second, to transform health and become a national model for quality and safety in health care.


Providing outstanding patient care in our clinics and training the next generation of health care professionals is a great responsibility. We have a dedicated team of leaders, faculty and staff across the colleges, the university and the clinical practice. We continue our work together to further codify our efforts with a direct focus on patient safety, clinical excellence and innovation, building on our statewide partnerships to bring hope and health to our communities.

Norman J. Beauchamp Jr., MD, MHS, Executive Vice President for Health Sciences